Sakhile - White Tie Blouse - 5104

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This Sakhile - short-sleeved white tie blouse is made from a Peruvian "Cotton" that we bring in from Indonesia. It is a synthetic fabric but is cool to the touch and is easy to care for. You can wash it and if hung up to dry will need little to no ironing. 

The blouses can be worn tucked in or out - the length of the blouse is short enough that it can be tucked in comfortably but if worn untucked can still feel modest, about mid-bottom length on an average height person.

Here are some basic lengths to assist you in your purchase:

Collar to hem - it is cut on the bias and will pull up slightly when worn so the lengths are of the blouse as it hangs on the hanger.

Size 34 - 73 cm

Size 42 - 78 cm

Size 48 - 78 cm